Adam Michael Rodriguez was born April 2nd, 1975 in Yonkers, New York to Ramon and Janet Rodriguez. He was raised in New York with his younger sister Vanessa, who learnt at a very young age the high importance of family and honor; "I had a great life growing up. People who loved me, food, clothes. I loved my growing years. Got to see many different sides of life and know so many different people from them. Made me want to be a storyteller and believe in oneness.” Adam's first love was sports, in particular, Baseball but a serious vertebrae injury shattered his hopes of making it as a professional baseball player, this caused him to re-evaluate his goals and re-consider other options. Although Adam excelled in high school, and reveals he was a good student he just "wasn't interested" and had no desire to go to college and no plans as to what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He very nearly wasn't the star we all know and love today. He admits he is the first male in his family not to serve at least one four-year term in the Military, but bad eye sight sidelined his interest of becoming an Air-Force pilot.


Adam experimented in many jobs including a bellman, construction worker, pizza deliveryman, janitor a stock broker at the age of 19 and a DJ at a strip club at the age of 16, but whilst Adam attended the SUNY Rockland Community College, Suffern, NY, it allowed him to explore some of his other interests, one of those was taking part in a production for the Jersey Papermill Playhouse. Now Adam had the "acting bug" he decided it was time to take a gamble and sign up for more acting classes. In 1996, Adam's father was watching the Emmy awards when he recognised one of the recipients, an old friend and producer for the hit show NYPD Blue.


Rodriguez senior contacted his old friend and rekindled their friendship which eventually led to Adam's big break which was oddly enough a small one-liner in the popular series NYPD Blue. At 21, Adam made the big move to Los Angeles, “I was too determined and too excited to even think about how crazy it was,” he says, “moving to LA is only scary when I look back on it. At the time, I was so ambitious and excited that fear never played a part. Except maybe fear of failure.” Small parts as an extra in the films Copland, One Fine Day, The Devil's Own and Godzilla followed, but it was in 1997 that Adam got the part of Officer Hector Villanueva in the short lived CBS series "Brooklyn South". In 1999 Adam was seen as the"computer guy" in Jennifer Lopez's debut hit single "If you had my love", this went on to roles in UPN's "All Souls" and guest appearances in "Felicity" and "Resurrection Blvd".


2001 came and Adam got the part as Jesse Ramirez in UPN's Sci-Fi series "Roswell". This was a different role for Adam as his character was a Harvard educated attorney who was married to human-alien hybrid Isabel Evans (Katie Heigl). The show came to an end in 2002, and during this time he picked up the role of Eric Delko in the CBS Spin off for CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. The series entitled CSI: Miami is now the show that has brought Adam his real claim to fame. Adam admits that he was a little apprehensive about taking the part in a "guaranteed success" as the same thing was said of "Brooklyn South", but this was cancelled after just one season. CSI: Miami is now in it's 10th season and is the most watched show in the world.


In 2009, Adam decided to leave CSI Miami and try his hand at other projects, however he "didn’t want to leave the fans high and dry and I also didn’t want them to be upset that I’ve just disappeared.” Due to this reason, Adam appeared in 10 episodes of the 8th season of CSI Miami whilst also starring as series regular Bobby Talerico in ABC's 4th and final season of Ugly Betty. Despite Adam's fans relishing his new character in Ugly Betty and enjoying his now guest appearances in CSI Miami, they were just not ready to let Eric Delko go. The "Save Eric Delko" petition was born and this made international press. The petition made a lot of noise and in early 2010, Adam announced via Twitter that he would be returning to CSI Miami full time. As well as being a full time cast member once again, Adam also took on new responsibilities as a writer and director for the show. "Hunting Ground", Adam's writing and directorial debut received high praise and was the highest rated episode of the ninth season.


Although Adam loves working in television, he loves the aspect of movies and has starred in many projects including "Keeper of the Past", "Love & Debate", Indie movie "Take" along side British actress Minnie Driver, "Let The Game Begin" with Stephen Baldwin and Michael Madsen and "Caught in the Crossfire" with Chris Klein and 50 Cent.  Adam's second most successful movie role came as the loveable Sandino in Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All By Myself with Oscar nominated actress Taraji Henson. In 2011, Adam won favorite TV actor in a leading role at the fan nominated Alma Awards which adds to his 2010 Image Award win for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture (I Can Do Bad All by Myself) and he fulfilled a childhood dream by appearing on children's television series Sesame Street.


2012 and Adam once again returned as a writer and director for an episode of CSI Miami's final season which again was a huge success with viewers. 2012 proved to be a productive year for Adam as he appeared as male stripper "Tito" in Steven Soderbergh's motion picture "Magic Mike". This was Adam's most successful theatrical role to date and his first ever international cinematic release. In July 2012, Adam was nominated for his first Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Actor. Of course, he walked away with the win at the fan nominated ceremony!


2013 saw Adam take on a new comedic role in Fox's The Goodwin Games, and in 2014  he was once again a full time series actor with CBS legal drama Reckless. But the proudest moment for Adam was undoubtedly becoming a father to the beautiful Frankie Elle Rodriguez in 2014. 2015 saw a reprising role in NBC's The Night Shift plus returning to the big screen with the sequel to Magic Mike, Magic Mike XXL. The big news of 2015 was Adam's new role alongside former co-star Taraji Henson in the smash hit Empire and a guest story arc on Jane the Virgin. Adam was also busy as he headed back to the directors chair for the CBS series "Scorpion".


2016 saw Adam tie the knot with Grace Gail in a beautiful ceremony in Italy.


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Adam Facts & Trivia:

Adam is three-quarters Puerto Rican

and one-quarter Cuban.


Adam attended Clarkstown High School North in New City, New York and graduated in 1993.


Adam’s favorite color is black.

Adam is near sighted.


Adam’s favorite scary movie is The Exorcist.


Adam co-owns a Sports Brokerage firm along side Elementary friend Matt Schulman.


Adam part owns the LA eatery "Dolce" with Ashton Kutcher and other celebrities.


He makes amazing French Toast.


His recipe... “The secret ingredient is good bread, a little citrus, good butter, a dash of Jack Daniel's and lots of love!”


His favorite episode of CSI Miami - Rio.


His favorite NBA team - The Knicks.


Adam’s least favorite subject at school was math.


Adam was named People en Espanol's

magazine "25 Most Beautiful People"


He was named Inside TV's

"50 Sexiest Men On TV."


He was named as one of the "Hottest Hunks of Summer" by In Touch Magazine.


Adam was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for the 2005 Imagen Awards.


Adam attended school with former Tennessee Titan Keith Bulluck  who to this day remains a close friend.


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