Adam is three-quarters Puerto Rican
and one-quarter Cuban.

Adam attended Clarkstown High School North in New City, New York and graduated in 1993.

Adam’s favorite color is black.
Adam is near sighted.

Adam’s favorite scary movie is The Exorcist.

Adam co-owns a Sports Brokerage firm along side Elementary friend Matt Schulman.

Adam part owns the LA eatery "Dolce" with Ashton Kutcher and other celebrities.

He makes amazing French Toast.

His recipe... “The secret ingredient is good bread, a little citrus, good butter, a dash of Jack Daniel's and lots of love!”

His favorite episode of CSI Miami - Rio.

His favorite NBA team - The Knicks.

Adam’s least favorite subject at school was math.

Adam was named People en Espanol's
magazine "25 Most Beautiful People"

He was named Inside TV's
"50 Sexiest Men On TV."

He was named as one of the "Hottest Hunks of Summer" by In Touch Magazine.

Adam was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for the 2005 Imagen Awards.

Adam attended school with former Tennessee Titan Keith Bulluck who to this day remains a close friend.

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