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Carissa: Who is your favorite NBA team? Mine is the San Antonio Spurs!

Adam: I don't watch too much b-ball but I’ll always pull for home, The Knicks. And I root for certain players like Garnett, LeBron, T Parker, Shaq…


Carol/NM: Adam, I've read that you used to play baseball and wanted to be an MLB player. I've also seen you wearing a Yankee hat. Please tell me you are a Yankee fan! Some people wear it just because it looks good. Also, what player influenced you the most? My personal fav is Donnie Baseball, but of course there's always Jeter!


Adam: Yeah, I used to play baseball and dreamed of being a professional one day but that’s all it ever ended up being, a dream.  I still love the game and have more fun playing baseball than any other sport that I play recreationally.  Football is a close second!!! Yes, I’m a Yankee fan. I became one when I was twelve and my grandfather passed away. My father hates the Yankees and loves the Mets so I grew up going mostly to Met games and rooting for them because of my pops. I did enjoy the 1986 World Series when they beat Boston but shortly after my grandpa died and I decided to carry the Yankees torch for him. It’s been a nice torch to carry the last ten years!


Alicia: Do you do any crazy sports like white water rafting?

Adam: No, not on a regular basis but I love stuff like that whenever the opportunity to do it comes up. I love a good adrenaline rush! Really love it! I used to love to get in trouble in school just for the adrenaline rush of having to go the principal’s office and then the challenge of talking my way out of it (when I could).


Carol/NM: Adam, what part of Delko's personality is similar to your own?

Adam: Delko’s commitment to family and friends is definitely similar to my own.  Delko’s convictions about what’s fair and what is not, regardless if that means bending or breaking the rules!  Just because rules are rules doesn’t always make them right!


Michelle/CA: Do any of the actors from CSI: Miami receive monies after the show is off the air?


Adam: I’m not really sure how much we will receive but yes, we will continue to receive what are called residual checks. Our union, The Screen Actor’s Guild monitors when episodes of our show air. Using a formula based on the amount of times the episodes re-run, they send us a check. To be honest, it’s not a whole lot but it is always really nice to go the mailbox and have a check with your name on it instead of a bill!!!


Anonymous: Adam in CSI Miami you have done some scuba driving did you know how to do it before CSI Miami?


Adam: I learned to scuba dive for the show. Before CSI: Miami I had never done any diving and it actually took a while before the show decided to make sure I received the proper certification. I am now fully certified although I think I might need to renew my certification!!!  Sshhhhhhh!


Anonymous: How is it working with Eva LaRue?

Adam: Eva is a real sweetheart and a good actress! I really enjoy working with her.


Anonymous: I saw in the first season an episode where you spoke Russian. Do you speak Russian fluently?


Adam: No, I do not speak Russian fluently. I had to phonetically learn those lines and I worked my ass off to get the accent as best I could. Maybe I did a good job if you had to ask this question? LOL!  I had a really good coach who’s name I forget now (It’s been almost 5 years)! I can actually still recite those lines!!!


Lupita/Texas: Will your character and Jonathan Togo's character ever get along?

Adam: As for my character and Jon Togo's characters ever getting along, that's up to the writers of the show. I think our characters have gotten along much better this season and I'm sure as time goes on they will continue to do so. When the character Wolfe first came on board, Delko was a little resentful of someone coming on the team to take Speedle's place and so Delko made it tough for Wolfe. As time went on this back and forth became a thing between them but I don't think that there was really any hate. Except for the few times when Wolfe did some things that were self serving and not team oriented. I think the characters have definitely created a bond and a good working relationship but I'm sure the writers and maybe the fans will always enjoy the riffling between the two characters.


Outside of playing these characters, Jonathan and I get along really well and I can honestly say that I enjoy working with him.  He's a good guy.


Xanessa/Texas: Okay so this time I wanted to know if Emily Procter is cool. She is really pretty and it seems you two get along. Do you two and even any of the other cast members ever hang out together? I give you kisses from afar!!!


Adam: Yeah, Emily is great as is everyone in the cast! We all have a great time working with each other and have all become very friendly over the years. As for hanging out outside of work, we might all get together on rare occasions for a dinner or to support one another in something like a charity or film but for the most part when you work all day together you need to have your personal lives.


Lori/Ohio: When you have spare time do you watch CSI Miami or anything you've played in? Like old episodes that come on?


Adam: Every once in a while I'll catch something I’ve done and watch it but only if I'm alone. I really don't like watching myself with other people. It's one of the only things that can make me feel uncomfortable.


Anja/Germany: Hi Adam! I just want to know if you’ll have plans to come to Germany or any other European country, maybe to promote CSI Miami? Please keep in mind that you also got a lot of fans here.


Adam: I do not have any current plans to go to Germany for promotions but that is only because I have been busy during my time off from the show. I have been shooting two different movies that I hope you guys will all check out and enjoy when they are released. I would love to go and visit Germany and any other European countries that would invite me to come out and do publicity for CSI: Miami. So if you would love to have me out there, let your local stations know. I hope to see you soon!


Annie/Chicago: I am a photographer in training and I absolutely LOVE scenes with the cameras. Do you guys know what you're doing when you grab the camera (in other words, does anyone have any experience with SLR's)?


Adam: There's no "film" in the cameras on the show but in real life I love taking photos. I walk around with my portable camera everywhere!


Vicki/Scotland: What has been the funniest behind the scenes moment on Miami?

Adam: Too many behind the scenes funny moments to remember.


Anonymous: Adam, not a question, I just want to say that I love you on CSI: Miami, you make the show for me, and I look forward to seeing you in other roles.


Adam: Thank you. That really makes me feel great. I love knowing that the work I do reaches people and entertains them and I look forward to continuing to work and grow and hopefully continue to keep you with me as a supporter.


Carol/NM: Mr. Adam, the question everyone wants to ask, but is afraid to say....BOXERS, BOXER BRIEFS, WHITIE TIGHTIES, OR COMMANDO? Lots of love!


Adam: The big answer would be ALL of the above, EXCEPT tighty whities!!!!  They're good for sports or running but that's it.


Gwen/San Francisco: Do you always tell the truth?

Adam: I'd be lying if I said I did!


Jennie B: Here goes it...a few months ago I had brought up the topic of your weight. I had mentioned that you've lost some and some girls said you've looked the same or gained some. Anyhow, at the end of the discussion, I figured, the only way we can determine this if you send us a picture of you -- naked. It's all going to be used for research purposes, nothing other than that. So...urm...you gonna hook us up with one!?


Adam: Definitely been working out. Thanks for noticing! Need more time before naked fotos. Check the show & movies. Might catch a glimpse.


Anonymous: If you were stranded on a desert island, and you could only bring 3 items, which 3 items would you bring and why?


Adam: I would bring my IPod, a pen, and paper. I can’t live without music and if I played better I’d take my own guitar instead but I need hip-hop and I need Hendrix and everybody else’s music I love. I’d take a pen and a paper because with those two things I can never be bored.


Linda: My question to you is if you were involved in a big brother program to a teenage boy, what is the one thing you would like to encourage in him and when you were growing up what is the one thing that stays with you that was in stilled in you.


Adam: That nothing's impossible. I was capable of achieving anything I wanted. And the GOLDEN RULE, do unto others as u would have done to urself.


Rachel/Derbyshire, England: If you could play any character from film or TV what would it be and why?


Adam: That’s a really tough question! There are so many characters I would love to play but definitely someone funny like Austin Powers and someone like Stanley Kowalski in Street Car Named Desire. A complete animal who lives by instinct. Nothing cerebral. Truthfully there are hundreds of characters that I would love to play and I hope I have a long enough career to play as many of them as possible. Each one will be a blessing!


Amy D. Clawson/Michigan: Out of all the roles you've played, which character is closest to your personality? Along with that, which character has been the most challenging thus far?


Adam: That character is a character that people have yet to see. Eric Delko is similar to Adam Rodriguez at certain times and at others is totally opposite. There is some of me in every character I play and somewhere down the line as I get the opportunity to be many different characters, I’ll be able to piece them all together and show you who I am and who I’m not.


Katie/FL: What one movie do you wish you could have been in?

Adam: That is such a tough question! There are so many movies that I wish I could have been in.  I will have to list a few. The Deer Hunter (because of it’s incredible cast, especially Meryl Streep), The Cannonball Run (looked like a lot of fun), Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, The Godfather, Scarface, Austin Powers, Swingers, anything with Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor, the original Nutty Professor, Beverly Hills Cop, Something About Mary, Old School, Goodfellas, The Player, Band of Brothers, Rocky and Dirt Harry just to name a few!


Anonymous: Adam, do you ever plan on coming to New Mexico? I know it's not the most exciting place to live, but I can't afford to go home to California anytime soon. And if so, I'll take you to dinner, if you're free?


Adam: Don’t know when I plan to come to New Mexico but I hear that Santa Fe is beautiful!  Thanks for the dinner offer! Very sweet!


Anonymous: How hard is it for a Latino in today's entertainment market? Do you find the movie studios viewing Latinos as a "trend" or do you believe people of color are permanently changing the entertainment landscape?


Adam: I believe we are permanently changing the entertainment landscape, mainly because we cannot be denied. We make money and spend money and that will always get the attention of corporations. I think we still have a long way to go before we are proportionally represented properly but as we continue to support each other, we will continue to see more and more of more of ourselves and our stories.


Rachel/NY: Hi, Adam! Okay, I just want to say first off, you're doing an AWESOME job on CSI: Miami! Alrighty, I was wondering with the presidential election coming up in 2008. Which candidate do you think would be most adequate? It's kind of random, but I was curious.


Adam: Rachel, thank you very much for the compliment. These last two seasons of the show have been a lot of fun. The writers have given Eric a lot to deal with and it has made going to work the best it's ever been! It feels great to know that people have been enjoying the work I've been doing, so thanks again! As for your question, I think it's great and although I really do believe that it is time for a change in the administration of our country, I really don't know enough about all of the candidates yet to have a really strong opinion. From some interviews I have seen and articles I have read, I will say that Barack Obama seems to have a sincere quality of character. Very rare among politicians!  We'll see.


Lupita/Texas: Hi Adam! My question for you is, if you could work with anyone alive or deceased, who would it be and why?


Adam: Hi Lupita! If I could work with anyone alive or deceased.  Hmmmm.  There are so many people in both categories but I'll give you an answer for each. I would love to have worked with the director Robert Altman who passed away this past year. I really loved his style of directing. He really allowed actors the space to do what they're supposed to do best which is simply "to be". I have to say that Marlon Brando would be a dream come true to work with as well. A living actor I would love to work with is also an extremely tough choice and I would again have to select two people, Meryl Streep who I think is the best actor around and "the man", Al Pacino who is also truly an actor's actor. He loves the craft of it and has dedicated his life to the art and I'm sure that working with him would be an incredible learning experience.


Marisol/San Pedro, CA: Hi there Adam. My name's Marisol. I have two questions for you.... First, if you could have any super power which would it be & if you could be invisible for a day, what would you chose to do?


Adam: If I could have any super power I would want to have the power of mind control over masses of people so that I could get them to wake up and pay attention to what's really important in this world and to make the necessary changes to make it every beautiful thing it could and should be.


Heather/Indiana: Have you ever been 'star struck' in meeting a certain athlete or other celebrity? Who was it?


Adam: I would say that the only celebrity I ever remember being star struck over was Paul Newman.  I admire very much all he has accomplished and even more so the way he got it done. There are many people who's talents and contributions to society I have tremendous respect and admiration for but being star struck has not happened to me except the one time I can remember with Paul Newman in Miami. I have a picture in my house of Paul, Rory Cochrane (Tim Speedle), and myself to remember the occasion.


Katie/FL: Hey Adam! If you were given one million dollars tax free and you had to spend it in one day, what would you do with it?


Adam: I would throw a huge party with all of my friends and family and everyone I invited would have to bring ten other people (5 friends and 5 strangers).

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Ann: How are you enjoying being an uncle?

Adam: It's my favorite thing in the world. Can't imagine a higher love. If it exists, it must be heaven and I look forward to knowing it.


Mica: What is your favorite scary movie? It can be from any era.

Adam: The Exorcist.


Pippa: I have noticed in some photos that you are wearing glasses. As I wear glasses myself, I was wondering why in some photos you have them on and in others you don't? (I think they make you look sexier!) I think what I am trying to ask is… what is your eye sight problem?


Adam: Nearsighted. Very. Sometimes I wear contacts.


Marie-Lou/Germany: Do you like to dance and if yes what's your favorite dance?

Adam: I love to dance. Just not often in front of people. Love to watch Salsa dancing. Gonna get good, one day.


Juan/Philly: Are your eyes that brown or do you wear contacts to enhance them?

Adam: No enhancements. Not my style. What you see is what you get. Always.


Marisol/San Pedro/CA: I'd like to know what is your one and most memorable childhood memory?


Adam: My grandfather's passing. I learned that nothing lasts forever. Enjoy while you can. I love to chill and spend time with loved ones.


Anonymous: Adam is it true you sustained an injury while playing baseball and what was your injury?


Adam: Yes, that’s true. Two injuries actually, I caused a bi-lateral fracture of my L5 vertebrae while I was at a Baseball Scout camp in Florida when I was sixteen and the second a year later when I tore my rotator cuff and upper bicep during a baseball game. They both hurt like hell and I regret doing the things I did to cause the injuries. Especially the one on my back!


Jenn/Eugene OR: Adam, after your injury how did you know what else you wanted to do?


Adam: I didn't at first. Went to school & did odd jobs ‘til I figured it out. Taking an acting class at a Comm. College and realized I'd be happy learning how to act for the rest of my life.


Tyrell Jack: Were you a high achiever in school? What was your highest mark in?

Adam: School always came easy and I tuned out after 9th grade. Skated by ‘til graduation and I regret that. Discipline is the most important lesson you can learn from applying yourself in school. With discipline, anything is possible. I always excelled in English and History.


Beth Andrews: What was your least favorite subject in School?

Adam: Least favorite subject was always Math. Regretfully. I didn't get how the logic of math applies to everything in life. Just about everything is math if you take the time to factor the equations. And then of course…there are mysteries.


Xanessa/Texas: Would you mind giving us your daily routine?

Adam: Wake up, thank God, stretch, yawn, brush teeth, eat breakfast, exercise somehow (not necessarily in that order), work, spend some kind of time with the people I love, listen to music, eat a few more times, go to sleep, dream about another day.


Ashley/VA: Adam are you a clubber or do you like to stay at home and watch movies and relax after a long day at work, basically are you a night owl like me?


Adam: Def a night owl. Always have been since childhood. I am a homebody but I enjoy going out sometimes. The night time is the right time!


Olga Doliotis: Where would you like to see yourself five years from now?

Adam: Playing a great character in a series of great action movies yet still getting a chance to do real characters that people relate to in other films. Most importantly, working with people who inspire me and thereby make me a better artist and human being.


Sadia/UK: My question is, what was it like to be on camera for the first time? Were you nervous or anything? If you were to make a movie of your life, who would you have play you?


Adam: It was exciting! I was elated and nervous and going over my line (3 words) a million times! The 1st time I spoke on camera (NYPD Blue). Not sure who would play me. I'm still trying to play me for another 40 years! Let's see how this movie turns out!


Kate H: I did my French Biography on you and got 90%+. My sisters make fun of me constantly.... I know you have a sister. Did she make fun of you?


Adam: Growing up, my sister and I made fun of each other all of the time! She was tough! You be tough too! It’s all done with love!


Anja Braun, Frankfurt/Germany: I became a mom recently, so everything in my life is all about my little baby-girl. Do you want to have children in the future and if yes, what lullaby would you sing for them?


Adam: Everything I work for is motivated by the family I look forward to having one day. Can’t wait to have kids!!! Gonna sing them everything. Congratulations on your baby girl!!! Enjoy all of the beauty motherhood brings your way!!!


Jessica Hernandez/Texas: When it comes to reading for leisure what kind of books, etc. do you like to read?


Adam: I love reading anything I can get my hands on that makes me want to keep holding it. A great read is the best entertainment! Last books read were Shantaram and another book called On Boxing by Joyce Carol Oates.


Vicki/Scotland: I was wondering what your favourite way to relax is?

Adam: Favorite way to relax is doing anything, including nothing, with my family and friends.


Esther, Guyana: Would you like to do an animated film? And do you have (or had) a favourite cartoon?


Adam: I would LOVE to play a character in an animated movie! Definitely! My favorite cartoons are Tom & Jerry, Thundar the Barbarian, Woody Wood,…


Abigail:  What will be your ultimate place to live and why?

Adam: Wherever I decide to make a life with my wife and family. Whoever, wherever, and whenever that ends up being!


Carol: Adam, do you have any tattoos?

Adam: No, no tattoos yet.  I’ve thought about it for a long time and I haven’t been able to come up with something that I want to look at for the rest of my life.  My second hesitation has been the fact that when I do something, I like to do it big or not at all (in every way), and getting a big tattoo would cause me to have to cover it up when working onscreen.  


Katie/Florida: Are you a prankster? If so, what was the best prank you ever pulled on someone?


Adam: Yesssssss! I am definitely a prankster!  The best I ever pulled, that’s tough.  There have been so many throughout my life.  Maybe not the best but I once convinced a co-worker (who was a real player in his day) that I was a son he abandoned.  It took three months and the help of some his friends and our co-workers but we laughed for months!  He was so scared I was going to charge him back due child support!  I have a dark sense of humor.


Rachel/NY: Being Latina myself (50% Puerto Rican and 50% Cuban), I speak Spanish fluently. I heard you don't. Do you ever want to learn Spanish?


Adam: I don’t speak Spanish the way I would love to be able to.  Both of my parents are Spanish speakers and growing up they worked long hours.  As a result they were gone all day and by the time one of them would come home I had been speaking English all day in school and watching TV in English. Speaking English was easiest I guess and since I didn’t have any friends that spoke Spanish there was no reason for me to want to learn it other than to understand what my parents were saying when they were arguing or keeping secrets from me and my sister.  I have been working on improving it and I do vow to speak it fluently one day soon. I wish I would have understood a long time ago what a valuable asset speaking a second language would be for me throughout life.


Aida C/Philadelphia: First and foremost let me start by saying that I am a proud Latina woman. I am part Puerto Rican and part Cuban as well, from my great grand mother (Cuban) and my great grandfather (Puerto Rican) how much more have you learned about your heritage? I still have a way to go.


Adam: Learning about your heritage is a life-long endeavour and I think its dope that you are even interested in learning. A lot of people never take an interest and they really miss out. I have learned a lot from reading and from having conversations with the elders in my family. Travelling is also a great way to learn. I have been to Puerto Rico many times and look forward to going to Cuba one day. Try talking to some older people like your great grandparents. You’ll get to spend some time with people who love you and would also love to pass knowledge on to you. Get their personal stories. So much history lies in the experiences of individuals. Enjoy the quest for knowledge!


Belinda/ New York: Everybody has their limits so I am sure you do as well. Do you ever yell or get mad?


Adam: Belinda, I definitely do have my limits but it takes a lot for me to reach them. I do my best to be patient with people and life in general. The older I get and the more I learn, I realize that getting angry only clouds good decision making and doesn't usually lead to anything positive. You can however use those feelings of anger as motivation to do something meaningful and productive and the more I have learned to do that, the more success I have encountered.


Jaden/Ankeny: What’s your favorite TV Show? (Besides yours of course)

Adam: Right now my favorite TV show is an HBO show called "The Wire". It's a brilliantly written show that is not only entertaining but also makes a very poignant social commentary. I absolutely love this show. It really says something that people should pay attention to. On the comedy side I love Family Guy and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Absolutely hysterical!


MS/CA: Do your parents still work? Or are they retired?

Adam: Both of my parents still work. My father works at a college in The Bronx and my mother is an aestitician (spelling).


Jeanne/Oregon: Adam, many actors have production companies on the side as well as other businesses that they own and/or invest in. What businesses do you have and how involved in them are you in the day to day running of? BTW, thank you for offering great entertainment. Best of luck, always.


Adam: I am involved as an investor in a restaurant called Dolce in Los Angeles and I am involved in creating and developing a few entertainment projects. I have no responsibilities to the restaurant which is owned and operated by a childhood friend of mine named Lonnie Moore. As for my creative projects, I am heavily involved on a daily basis and love all the hard work! It never feels like "work" when you love it!


Mari/California: Hola Adam. Thanks for taking the time to do this. I was wondering... What was your family's reaction to you choosing an acting career and do they ever give you feedback on any of your work?


Adam: My father was supportive initially and my mother wasn't happy about me choosing to be an actor. She really wanted me to go to a great college. I knew that wasn't the path I wanted to take and so I did what I had to do. Thank God it worked out for me! My mother did support me after a few years went by and she realized how serious I was about acting. She's still pissed about me not going to college though.  

Aida: First question: I really enjoyed your interview on Megan Mullally. You were very humble and I was wondering how you manage to keep your status from going to your head because as you can see some of the other entertainers seem to forget where they come from once the money begins to come in. Second question: How does it make you feel when you finally get to sit down and look at the fan books sent to you from our group?


Adam: By never losing sight of what's truly important. Love for my art and for the people I hope to touch through it. I feel like I have really succeeded! To know that people took the time to show love b/c I reached them somehow is a dream come true. Thanks.


Barbara: Your true fans are nicknamed “Adorable Adamatics” which was partly taken from something that was written on your 30th birthday cake. What is actually your nickname?


Adam: I always wondered how fans knew that nickname. Adamatic or Matic are names some of my closest friends call me. My boy Uly came up with it years and years ago.


Phoebe: Adam, You are approached often by your fans and from what we read; you are always gracious when meeting them. What is the strangest request you have received from a fan? Have you had a fan that you "hit it off with" then became friends?


Adam: Funny, just happened to me in N.O. Walked into a shop on Canal St. and the owner was a fan and a cool ass dude. We hung out at his shop and then the next night him and his girl met me at a show. Good people are good people! Love finding them!


Rughda: Has a fan ever made you feel touched in a way that you would never forget? If so, what did they do?


Adam: The Make A Wish fans are always unforgettable! It moves me to know that I'm able to make someone faced with life's biggest challenge, happy.


Laura/South Carolina: If you were in a certain state shooting or something, would you meet with your fans in that state for a personal gathering?


Adam: Shooting schedules are usually gruelling but if there was time I could dedicate to meeting fans, sure.


Phoebe Hart/Florida: Adam, you are asked questions all the time. What is something you would like to ask about your fans? That is, what are you curious to find out about us?


Adam: Phoebe! Wow, what a great question!  Really great! I really had to give this some thought and for now what I came up with was this: With so many people in the public eye for various reasons, whether its sports, music, movies or television, what I always wonder is what is it that means the most to people when they make a connection with someone famous? (This is an interesting question and I will continue to give it more thought and hopefully come up something better.  Ask me this again in a few months!)

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Janese/Riverside/CA: Have you ever been betrayed by someone you loved?

Adam: Can't say I've been betrayed, but I've definitely been disappointed. People aren't perfect. Tough to accept, especially with people we love.


Mimi/CA: Is it important for your family to love your friends and lovers? Do you put a lot of weight on what their views of the people in your life are?


Adam: Yes, it is, but if I love someone, it's up to my family to figure out how to love them too. They should trust me and my decisions. I listen and consider advice from friends and family. In the end it is my life and no one weighs in more heavily than me.


Anonymous: What age would you like to get married?

Adam: I don’t like to put time limits on anything. I used to have preconceived notions about events in my life and what age I would be when they occurred and after coming to the understanding that everything happens whenever it does, I no longer attach any predicted ages to accomplishments or life events. That said I’d like to get married whenever I feel like getting married is the thing I want to do more than anything else in the world.


Anonymous: With all the marriages that break up, do you think marriage is wise for someone like you?


Adam: I think marriage is something that takes a tremendous amount of time, work, and attention and the minute you decide to get married and are in this entertainment business, you have to be honest with yourself and decide to put your marriage before your career if you want to make it work. Everything has to be prioritized in life and I think that people aren’t honest with themselves and make decisions based on what they want something to be as opposed to what it is and that’s why marriages fall apart. That said, I don’t think that marriage is something that would be wise for me right now.  


Ashley/VA: Hey Adam, I was wondering what do you look for in a woman and what would you do on a first date?


Adam: Ashley! What's up! There are so many things I look for in a woman. Some I'm conscious of and some are subconscious and instinctual. Of course, there is the initial impression which usually has something to do with being physically attracted (which could be anything from a great smile to a great walk or style of dress, maybe a nice butt, LOL) and after a few minutes of being around each other there is the much more important and longer lasting connection of the mind and spirit (which of course comes across in so many ways from body language to a woman's laugh or in the way I see she relates to other people and mainly how connected I feel standing with her while we talk). That has always been the most important thing for me. If I can make a connection of the mind and spirit that means we can laugh, be open and honest, and build something whether it's a friendship or a romance. I could probably talk about this forever but hopefully my answer has painted a picture for you.


Mica/Georgia: How do you know if someone likes you for you and not who you are? So many people including friends and even family are hard to trust.


Adam: Mica! I am really lucky to have had most of the same friends for many, many years and because of how strong the friendships have been, I truly understand what building and maintaining a friendship is all about. The work, the commitment, the patience, the selflessness, the trust, the sharing of experiences, the support and encouragement, the sacrifices and so on are all things that take time to build and although many new people constantly come into my life, I am always aware that they are "new people". There are so many beautiful people in the world to get to know and share with and learn from and I would never want to miss out on the opportunity to meet them. I just know that no matter how wonderful I may think they are initially, it takes time, a lot of time to build a true friendship. Lifelong friends aren't friends you say will be in your life forever, they are people who remain in your life forever because you continue to earn each other’s friendship.


Monica/Spain: Hi Adam! I would like to know what can make Adam Rodriguez fall in love, And... I would like to know if there is something that you wouldn't forgive yourself not to do. Any kind of dream or aim in life...


Adam: So many things can make me fall in love! They are all mostly simple things and I don't know if I'm even aware of all of them but I know them when I see them. The things I am aware of are things like a generous nature, an easiness that can't be taught, a great smile and/or laugh that goes along with a great sense of humor, passion for something, and generosity are the things that come to mind.


I wouldn't forgive myself if I didn't follow through with my desire to tell a few unforgettable stories through film, television, or literature.


Laura/Carolina: Would you ever date someone who already has a child?

Adam: Yes, I would and have in the past. I was in a relationship that lasted a year and a half and my girlfriend at that time had a wonderful daughter that I grew very close to. She was such a great kid that it made breaking up twice as hard.  




Jack Johnson: I read that you make good French toast. I do too.... What is the recipe for it?


Adam: The secret ingredient is a good bread, a little citrus, good butter, a dash of Jack Daniel's and lots of love!!!


Jessica/Orange County/NY: You say you can cook. Do you also do the dishes? (If yes, can I keep you?)


Adam: I definitely do the dishes!!! Have to keep a clean kitchen in life!!!


Christina: Do you have any favorite Italian dishes, if so what are they and why?


Adam: Fav Italian dishes are everything! Pastas (spaghetti w/clams/bottarga), desserts (panna cotta, torta della nona), meatballs, wine! Everything!