Adam Rodriguez spent his 2010 summer vacation travelling the globe, but here he took a moment to exclusively discuss working with Janet Jackson, CSI Miami, having a lucky escape from sharks and much more!


On May 27th at around 5pm in London’s bustling West End, Adam arrived at a swanky hotel restaurant. Drinks were ordered, a piano lightly playing in the distance and the scene was set for a great, insightful and informal conversation which started with the famous London cab drivers! “You know there’s probably like 15,000 cabbies here! I’ve met some great characters! Love the cabbies!” As he tucked in to his meal, the topic of his initial “leaving” of CSI Miami came into fruition “I never really wanted to leave. I enjoyed my job. I enjoyed the people that I worked with. For 7 years of my life on the show…I didn’t want to leave the audience with a cliff-hanger the way that last season ended. I didn’t want to leave the fans high and dry and I also didn’t want them to be upset that I’ve just disappeared.”


As Adam is returning to the show full time for the 9th season, he spoke of writing and directing an episode. “At the end of the day, part of why I wanted to be an actor was to tell stories, I felt like that was the next level of actively participating in telling the story and I figured what better place to learn then somewhere I’ve been all this time, somewhere that I know the format, know the actors, the crew…” And what ideas does he have for his writing debut? “When I’m done with vacation and we get back to work I’m gonna be sitting in with the writers and spending a lot of time with them, learning what they do, watching them work. I have a bunch of ideas for things that I’d like to do. I think I have some good ideas, hopefully they think they’re good.”

On his cast mates, Adam acknowledged Jon Togo. “I’d love to see him have a great, strong storyline, he needs it. He always does such a great job. I love working with Togo, I really do. We have a great time; we have a lot of fun. I think he’s due something to really sink into.” On former CSI Miami cast mates: “I’m still in contact with Khandi. I’m really proud of her, she’s doing a great job at her new show and Rory… he’s one of my closest friends. I loved the early seasons of the show; he and I had great humor with one another.” When asked about the negative reaction to Eric’s relationship with Calleigh, he admits, “You know, I’m surprised. I don’t really know which side has the stronger force behind it. It seems like it’s 50/50. I’m pretty surprised. I thought they really wanted to see that. I don’t know if we waited too long to deliver it. I can understand they feel that way, I really can. I thought it was something people really would be excited about. I was excited that we finally got to that place. Who knows where they’ll take us.”


Over the years, Adam has made 6 appearances in various music videos including Jennifer Lopez’ very first hit “If you had my love”. When asked if people still recognise him from the video he states, “they do, but not as much, I obviously had very different hair! At the time, the video was huge; I can’t believe it’s been 11 years!” Another video that he has fond memories of is 50 Cents hit “Many Men”. “I’m friends with the director (Jessy Terrero). He called me, asked me to come along and I said ‘you know what? I’m gonna bring Rory down’. Rory was a huge fan of 50 and he loved it. It’s actually my favorite video.” “I just heard actually that 50 lost a tonne of weight for his next movie. I really admire what he’s doing with his acting career.” On which artist he would like to work with next; “Alicia Keys, would be great. If she needed a male lead, I’d be happy to do it. She’s a great girl.”


Another project that brings a huge smile to Adam’s face is of course Ugly Betty. “I loved that show and was shocked when it ended. The character had such a big heart, he was great to play and bringing the humor aspect was something I enjoyed. If it was still on I would happily work on both shows at the same time once again. It was a great show, great people. I’m gonna miss it. With Betty and I Can Do Bad, I really wanted fans to see another side and I’m glad they enjoyed the other roles.” On future projects, “Jessy (Terrero) and I have a few things in line, an animated feature and something else for cable. For my own project… the movie business is hard right now, less movies are getting made and funding is a huge problem. I’d like to do an independent feature but if a company approached me and they liked it, I’d accept the offer. In 5 years from now, if I’m still in television I’d like to do something on cable, maybe be a lead in my own show on a network. If it all ended now, I’d honestly say that I am satisfied with my career, it’s been incredible.”


Adam then moved on to how long he’s been in the business and some of his roles as an extra; “I had a lot of extra roles and “Copland” was the only one my friends and I actually went to the movies to watch. I wasn’t expecting them to keep in the scene from the bridge as the director yelled at me! But you can see me with the glasses! In “One Fine Day” I don’t think you can spot me. You’d have to be an FBI agent to find me! In Resurrection Blvd… another hairstyle! I worked pretty closely with Tony Plana back then. He’s been in this business forever, a really, really great guy.”



Throughout Adam’s career, he’s been praised for keeping his family out of the limelight; he admits “I’m a private person. I think my mom especially and my sister like to stay in the background. If there was a person that does enjoy it I would say it’s my father, he loves it. They’re my family, privacy is important.”


In 2009, Adam joined the popular social networking site Twitter and he states he’s not the best with technology, “I’ve always been that way. When I was younger I was dating this girl, we went away together and I turned my phone off for 3 weeks. People thought I disappeared! When Twitter came about, it was like a new toy, but I’m not one of these guys that says things like ‘just gone to the bathroom!’ I admit I have been absent for a while, but I still pop in, it’s great.”


On what’s happened in his life recently: “Here’s a scoop for everybody, I did a photo shoot with Janet Jackson not too long ago for Essence. I think that will be out in August. I don’t know what it’s for though! They called me and I thought it would be good. Janet’s cool!” And talking of his current travels, “I was in the Bahamas recently for 8 days on a boat and we were free diving for fish and a shark came along! It was pretty scary! First an alligator and now a shark, maybe the third time I won’t be so lucky! Yesterday I was in Belgium and now I’m sitting here with you in frickin’ London! I want to try to go on a boat ride on the Thames tomorrow and I might go to Italy too. Things are really great!”


After 2 hours of conversation, the evening drew to a close and Adam kindly recorded video messages for his fans at the site and for his fans on Twitter.

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